The First Working Groups Meeting of the Action will take place on November 8-10th in Évora (Portugal).

# Grant Period Goals Grant Period Activities Grant Period Outputs
1 G1. Introduce researchers in AI and Automated Reasoning to the main issues and problems in the daily work of digital forensics scientists and the technical, legal and criminological aspects they involve. (O1, O7)
2 G2. Provide a list of applicable AI and Automated Reasoning techniques, focusing on Computational Logic for verifiability and justifiability reasons (essential in a legal environment). (O2)
3 G3. Create synergies between Digital Forensic Challenges and AI and AR. (O3 and O4)
4 G4. Increase the number of ITC and NNC countries in the Action. (O1, O2, O3, O4, O9)
5 G5. Involve more international and national institutions (related to security in each country) in the Action (O1, O2, O3, O4, O9)
First meeting of the WGs. During 2.5 days, we will work in each WG sequentially during 2.5 hours. Moreover, we will invite at least one expert from security forces in order to create synergies. (S)He will present the current challenges and we will prepare the activities and specific goals of each WG. Description of the activities and specific partial goals of each WG

Agenda 1st Working Groups Meeting

Please note that the meeting will take place in two separate facilities of University of Évora.

In November 8 (Thursday) the event will take place in large meeting room 205 of Palácio do Vimioso:
Palácio do Vimioso,
Largo Marquês de Marialva,
7002-554 Évora

As for days 9 and 10 of November (Friday and Saturday), the event will take place in the auditorium of Colégio Mateus D’Aranda:
Colégio Mateus D’Aranda
R. do Raimundo 104,
7000-872 Évora

Regarding the accommodation some arrangements have been carried out in order to have a reduced price. For more information please contact digforasp@uca.es